Development and Promotion of Sustainable, Innovative and Cleaner Technologies in Pakistan


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Webinar 9: Academia Industry Linkages for Sustainable Industrial Development

December 13, 2022


 Webinar 9: Industry-Academia Needs Strong Linkages For Sustainable Growth

Tuesday | 13 December 2022 | 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.| Team Webinar

Registration Link

Meeting ID: 347 741 034 000 | Passcode: ehnPPx 


Time Sessions 

02:30 The Objective of the Webinar 

           Mr. Masroor Ahmed Khan-National Project Manager UNIDO

02:35 Video-UNIDO REEE project Journey of Success

02:45 Issues and opportunities in Academia-industry connect
          Mr. Muhammad Ali, Principal Manager Research, KICS - UET Lahore

03:15 Expectations of Industry from Academia and vice versa
          Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed, Associate Professor/Director LQEC, NUST 

03:45 Case Study on Industry-Academia etc. 

          Dr. M. A. Irfan Mufty, Director, Center for Industrial and Building Energy Audits (CIBEA) 


04:15 Concluding Remarks 

          Mr. Masroor Ahmed Khan-National Project Manager UNIDO

Moderated by: Mr. Fahad Ali Chaudhry & Ms. Amina Nasim Khan