Development and Promotion of Sustainable, Innovative and Cleaner Technologies in Pakistan

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In the early 1970s, when Pakistan’s leather industry was in its infancy, UNIDO started to play a catalytic role in building capacity to create the conditions for the rational progression of that sector. Since then, UNIDO has been diversifying and increasing its activities into multiple areas in productive sectors. As a result, we can say that UNIDO in Pakistan has been actively working to improve the country’s industrial development, trade capacity, access to renewable energy and environmental protection.

While it is beyond UNIDO’s mandate to address all economic and social challenges faced by a country like Pakistan, the impact of UNIDO’s interventions are already showing multiple effects, which will be instrumental in boosting job opportunities, reducing poverty and enhancing the country’s overall economic growth.

UNIDO has been working for inclusive and sustainable industrial development in Pakistan for more than 45 years with amazing cooperation of its partner institutions, stakeholders and the government institutions to achieve the higher targets of development.

Areas of support:

  • Industrial competitiveness

  • Sustainable energy for all

  • Clean production and green industry

  • Trade capacity building

  • Technical and vocational education

  • Women entrepreneurship

Industrial competitiveness: UNIDO provides a variety of technical cooperation activities, encouraging value-addition in the agricultural sector and industrial competitiveness to increase employment opportunities for urban and rural communities.

Sustainable energy for all: UNIDO provides technical assistance to government partners and the private sector to support sustainable energy for all.

Clean production and green industry: The UNIDO environment programme focuses on providing cleaner production technologies in industrial sectors, supporting green industry and implementing environmental agreements.

Trade capacity building: UNIDO provides support to government institutions like the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce (MoC), Ministry of Science and Technology, and to national bodies such as the National Physical Standards Lab, Pakistan National Accreditation Council, Pakistan Standard Quality Agency, Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, universities, etc. to build trade capacity with support from the European Union. UNIDO provided technical assistance for sector-specific value chain development resulting in the launch of a National Quality Policy and development of an internationally recognized National Accreditation Institute. The International Trade Centre develops trade policy with the MoC by sensitising policy makers and the private sector on the World Trade Organization led multi-lateral trading system. The World Intellectual Property Organization supports Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management with the Intellectual Property Organization Pakistan to establish an IPR legal and regulatory framework.

Technical and vocational education: The UNIDO education programme promotes demand driven education and training.

Women entrepreneurship: The UNIDO Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme focuses on integrating women into highly non-traditional sectors such as marble, gems/jewellery and home textiles by applying a UNIDO value chain analysis model and implementing innovative strategies to train and connect women with the value chain as producers and entrepreneurs and as productive members of industry.